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* When I first started weight training in 2001, I said “I want my body back! I want to shed 10 kgs!”. I was a 63.4 kg fatso conquered by 36% of fat invaders. I detested looking at mirrors.

Now, I am able to look at and admire myself in front of the mirror again. I have regained my self-confidence and this wonderful feeling is a result of careful dieting, engaging a dedicated and motivating Personal Trainer and putting plenty of effort and determination in my weight training. I have lost 7.4 kg and my fat % has been reduced to 27.5%. I definitely would not have made such great improvement without a devoted, caring, and motivating trainer and that’s “My Favourite PT – Darren Perera”. Thank you! You have certainly made my costly investment in the training very worthwhile.

I have gained a better knowledge of nutritional values for my body. I have learned to eat only what’s good for my body and “gently push away” what’s bad for me (I must confess not all the time). The dieting made a good contribution to my fat reduction and together with my very disciplined resistance training….. Bingo!


* The weight loss and fitness testimonials presented apply only to the individuals depicted, cannot be guaranteed, and should not be considered typical.  Every testimonial on this website is from a real One2One Fitness customer who followed One2One Fitness workout and nutrition plans designed individually. No one was paid for a testimonial or endorsement. Before and after photos were not retouched or altered. Results (weight, body fat percentage, circumference measurements, etc) were self-reported by the customer and therefore cannot be confirmed. Errors could have been made in reported weight and body composition numbers. You should assume that featured results are not typical. One2One Fitness makes no guarantee of specific results and each person results may vary!

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